When a patient has made their first appointment, they will receive our Patient Information document which will give all the information needed to prepare for the first appointment.

Your first visit will last about an hour and the main purpose is to diagnose the cause of the problem as far as possible. There are two parts to the process. Firstly, identifying the nature of the problem and whether or not further referral is needed.

Secondly, investigating why your body is maintaining the strains and stresses that are causing the symptoms. Over the years I have observed that emotional shocks and strains of life as well as physical injury may leave their footprint in the body’s tissues and for some people can be a factor in their health.

It may be necessary to carry out some other basic tests, for example taking your blood pressure or testing nerve reflexes. If more specialist investigations are required – such as X–rays or MRI scans - these can be arranged either privately with Cobalt Unit (www.cobalthealth.co.uk) or via your GP.

If you have a problem that needs some other treatment and is not suitable for osteopathy I will say so, and before any treatment is started I will explain my findings.

Osteopaths treat using their hands, so I will be giving you “hands–on” treatment. Please let me know if you feel uncomfortable with hand contact in any particular body area. Patients are welcome to bring a chaperone if they wish to be accompanied during the examination and treatment.

Most treatment is given with the patient lying down. If you find lying down uncomfortable, you could be treated sitting. Small children are often treated sitting with their carer.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

During the visit you will be asked about your symptoms and your medical history, including any medications, past illnesses and accidents. It is often helpful to make your own notes beforehand.

You may be asked to undress to your underwear for examination so that I can observe and test the quality and range of movement across your whole body. Often, however treatment is done with light clothing on. Further hands-on physical examinations are conducted as needed.

As the many and varied parts of the body are interconnected, osteopathic treatment works with the whole body, and it is not possible to treat one part in isolation without influencing the area around it. There may be mechanical dysfunctions or strains which contribute to your symptoms, but which are not actually at the place where it hurts.

General health care and life style advice, and exercises if necessary will also be given, aiming at improving health, resolving problems and restoring a fuller life to the patient. Subsequent appointments are usually of 45 minutes.

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Woman receiving osteopathic treatment
Woman receiving osteopathic treatment