My thanks Caroline, for giving me great relief on several occasions, when my G.P. could not help.

Joyce Huxford, Busily retired grandmother.

I appreciate Caroline’s thorough and professional approach and the pleasant surroundings. The treatment is gentle and feels ‘safe’ compared with heavier manipulation treatments experienced elsewhere.

Retired Lady

I just have to tell you that your last treatment has had the biggest impact on my singing voice that I have ever experienced before. It is like something that has been clamping down on my voice has come away. My voice is bigger, freer, brighter and my high notes more spacious and of a better quality! - it is suddenly easier to sing. Making me realize that I have had to constantly fight with my voice to make it work properly. I used to find that I needed to warm up for a long time before my voice sounded any good. This is no longer the case!

Marianna Lihannah, Singer

I have received treatment with Caroline Tosh for over three years and have found great benefit to my ongoing joint/muscle/nerve condition. Caroline is extremely well qualified, professional, very experienced and has a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the body’s musculoskeletal system and the way it functions. I would thoroughly recommend Severnside Osteopathic Practice to anyone seeking treatment. In addition to her osteopathic skills Caroline has also been able to offer me extremely sound advice concerning many other aspects of general health, well-being and exercise.

Tony Perry, Retired

Caroline always helps when my back goes into crisis. I know that even the first treatment will get me out of a worsening situation.

Jackie Leake, Complementary Therapist

Many friends recommended Caroline to me and so as a last resort to try and relieve the pain in my hips, I visited her. I am not sure how Caroline does it – but it works. Caroline also took the time to write to my doctor recommending referral to a specialist. With Caroline’s help I am maintaining a reasonable active lifestyle with very little pain. Can’t recommend Caroline enough!

Heather Llewellyn, Semi-retired

I’ve been taking my son to see Caroline now for 6 sessions over 6 months following a long and traumatic delivery. I didn't come out of the initial session seeing huge changes straight away but, after the weeks i started to notice his head changing shape, he sat straighter, his face was more symmetrical, he slept better, he's generally happier and he enjoyed each session. I'm very glad I undertook the course of treatment and have encouraged other friends to seek treatment for their babies.

Emma Burke, Occupational Therapist

I have been attending Severnside Osteopath surgery for the past two years for extreme back and hip pain. My sincere thanks to Miss Tosh for the very professional way the treatment was conducted and explained. I received a huge amount of help, for which I am truly grateful.

Pamela Timbrell, retired.